A new custom built Wordpress theme developed for Manager Diary, a Football Manager fan site, who have relaunched their new-look site to the Football Manager community.

School Website

School Website (28/10/12)

Mobile friendly, designed to focus on promoting the school and improving communication with parents and the community.

A mobile-first website built to promote and celebrate a British Heart Foundation affiliated club and support group for patients who have received treatment for heart related problems.

Sew Chapel (21/08/16)

A mobile-first website built for a small family run haberdashery and arts and crafts shop in Chapel-en-le-Frith, called Sew Chapel Haberdashery.

A newly designed login page for a school VLE.

The Tifo Project, a new social media platform for Football Manager fans, needed a new logo to represent their online community hub.

Sew Chapel Logo (30/04/16)

Logo and brand design for a new haberdashery shop in Chapel-en-le-Frith.

Landing Page/Lander (28/11/15)

Designed as a simple lander that can be used for marketing campaigns and the external promotion of a school trust, which comprises of two secondary schools.

Digital Signage (17/11/15)

A variety of designs created to use with digital signage software to promote school information, resources and activities on the TV screens around the school.

Become Learning

Become (02/01/15)

A site for an educational company that offers workshops and training to both businesses and children aged 10 – 14 to enhance thinking and learning strategies.

Revision Cards mockup

Revision Cards (07/08/14)

An education based Revision Card website primarily developed to help students revise for exams, but also adaptable for starter activities and homework.

Sixth Form Microsite

Sixth Form (05/05/14)

A microsite for the Sixth Form College of an 11-18 high school.

The Radclyffe School website

School website re-design, built internally as part of the VTLE Developer team.

Take control of one of the 3 wise men in this Flash animated game. Collect as much gold frankincense and myrrh as you can but be wary of King Herod’s bandits!

VAK Audit (10/01/12)

A PHP questionnaire to determine student learning styles. Presents question data from a MySQL table and records all the audit submissions in another.

Embedded within a school website framework this system allows both staff and students to keep up to date with the latest sporting results and upcoming fixtures.

Office Aspirin (05/10/11)

A simple single-page site for a bookkeeping service provider, with scrolling navigation, contact form and editable content.

Penalty Shootout (29/04/10)

Pick a goalkeeper to play against in this video based, smartboard friendly quiz game. Answer questions correctly to score a goal.

English faculty logo

A collection of faculty logos designed for both web and print usage on letterheads, presentations etc.

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