Quick and simple one liners that’ll put Google Fonts into your Wordpress theme.

In some instances you might want to get the content from a specific post and display it on one of your pages. Here’s how it can be done with a little PHP.

How to perform a nice, smooth scrolling effect to an anchor tag on the same page. You can pass a parameter to this so it’s reusable, and the link has graceful degradation for anyone who’s mad enough to disable JavaScript.

The three-click rule is an unofficial rule in web design that suggests that any content that is more than three clicks away is too difficult to find.

SCOUT - Compass and Sass without all the hass(le)

Installing Scout (19/09/15)

How to get past ‘ArgumentError: Error #3214’ when installing Scout on windows.

Why do we need a VLE in our school? It’s a fair question, like with anything, you’d rather not waste time on resources that aren’t delivering tangible outcomes so it’s important to justify the reasons for a VLE (or any resource for that matter) periodically.

Frog Learn Dashboard Theme Design

From start to finish, how I went from ‘Frog Learn is now installed on your server’ to seeing out a whole school launch of the latest learning platform from frog.

ATD Boilerplate

CSS Quickies (17/08/14)

A collection of quick and easy, re-usable CSS classes for quick and easy reference. Drop these in to your stylesheet and give them a whirl!

VLE Dashboard

A newly designed frog3 dashboard with a cleaner look, improved navigation, and with more of what the user needs ‘above the fold’.

iPad friendly website

A review of ‘iPads in the Classroom: Moving Beyond the Apps’, a seminar at the 2014 BETT Show on 23 January 2014 from guest speaker Alex Findlay.

App Store

‘App’ is very much a buzz word at the moment. Lot’s of them are being developed and lot’s of people want them. But does your organisation really need one?


In no particular order, a review of my favourite resources that have helped my web development work throughout 2013.

iPad friendly website

If you’ve been tasked with the job of building a new school website chances are the previous site failed or is in need of wholesale changes.

iPhone mobile site

We no longer access the internet via desktop computers alone, we have smart phones, tablets, and a plethora of other handheld devices all capable of surfing the web.

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